October tenth..a sad date

We all have those dates that are in our mind for ever.

Some are happy dates that make you smile and remember the time in your life that has changed you for the better.

Then there are those that are so sad that nobody will let you forget. That will be October 10, 1982. I thought it would be a good date to remember because it is all tens. But, it wasn’t ment to be. I have one friend who calls me on that day since the sadness has happen. I always try to do something happy for myself on that day. Even if its small, I always find it keeps the healing going.

So today I will learn how to use this blog. Always trying to learn something new in my life. Sometimes in life we need to learn how to grow away from sadness, even when those you have known for ever won’t let you forget your mistakes. Some mistakes can be covered up and then there are those that haunt you til the day you die. Do I wonder about him? I must say no I don’t, years have helped me moved on and I have done so much more then to be a army wife. I think he did me a favor by leaving me.

Those secrets that we keep!

Picture1.29 1578


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