Happy Monday..with a closer look

Picture1.29 2054
As I am sitting at this computer desk that four of us share.  I realize this is a place of catch-all. I find myself with these odd spots around this very small home of ours. Then I find a watch that is my oldest son’s. When did he get this watch? How long has he had it and I haven’t even noticed?

I put together a few things that need to be put away and then I notice this crap is mine. Maybe I’m the slob in this house..who me?

Step one in recovery is to…own up to your crap.

Step two..find a home for it or toss it out. Did I miss it?

Step three…find another place to call your own.

Those secrets that we keep must be that I put everyone else stuff away and leave mine out to be seen.  Something to work on!

I really wanted to make this blog something fun and here I find myself complaining. Not a great start to have fun.

Things I need to change.. 1) clean house 2) find a new happy place 3) explore how others find fun. 4) exercise will change your world.


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