Something to remember

I found this quote in someones blog and thought..Wow! this is something I need to think about. It says…..When writing the story of your life..don’t let anyone else hold the pen….

SO I wrote it in my journal book and now I have no reason to forget about it.

My lonely journal book…it’s so sad. I have left it alone for such a long time. I started off so good, then suddenly it took a shelf and there it is. I have used some of the paper for a letter to a friend. Yes, I do use snail mail. A few years ago I had 50 pen pals and now, well, lets just say they probably think I fell off the side of nowhere.

You know how it is, you get busy, start a crazy job, find all you do is eat, sleep, work and clean your home.  Who wants to hear about that. But, now I have this blog…Oh so happy. I really need to get out there, take some pictures of where I’m from so “you” can get to know me and then maybe some amazing friendships will build.

I have a few things I need to learn about this blog.  I really want to learn if I can have my word in color. Also how I can put my picture where I want to put it. There is something called pingbacks…gotta learn about that too. I want to figure out how to put a note at my comment line and how to hand write my name at the bottom. I’m sure there is a site to teach me this stuff.

Have a great end of this week! It’s the 21st of the month, how time fly’s!

Keep up that smile, it’s working for you!

Always, Myra

Picture1.29 2058


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