You should

You know all those things you’ve wanted to do?  You should go do them.

A quote I found so I thought I would write something for goes.

Make a list not of just for “ToDo” list.  You already, know what needs to get done, and be done!

Make a list of things, you want, to make yourself smile.  Get it done.  Make it fun.

Doing for yourself isn’t always easy. You have done for others for so long.  Yes, it has made you feel good inside, helping other people is in you soul.

Now it’s time for you.

Search deep into your thoughts.  What would make you feel good?  Think of it this way… If someone did something for you as a surprise, what would that be?  Or if you could surprise yourself by doing something, what would that be.

Make it something that brings on your best smile.

This isn’t something that you can do for someone. This is something you do for yourself.  You have one week to do this for yourself.  That is seven days for now.

If you think of something that is small, you can do it.  This is a starting point to encourage yourself to do something for you. The rules are simple.  The task is difficult to plan but, you have it in you.  Lets make this happen.

Make a list, sometimes, things written are easier to focus on.

A list is something that is more then one. Be excited, if you just write random things, something can happen with that too.

Have fun.

Today starts my life on a new path called change. Today I lost my job. I think I was ready for it, not like others I work with. I quietly giggle.

So I decided to write for a five minute thought, and this is what I came up with.

Tomorrow will bring a different light..sleep, walking, writing, enjoying some thoughts!


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