Flirting with my nerves

Hi, I’m Myra. I’m starting this, on line class called, “Blogging 101”. My first task is to introduce myself…uugghh!

Truth be told, I’m computer stupid, scissor happy, picture blurry, baking nightmare, a broken pencil writer, once upon a time reader, along with to much junk in my trunk!

On Sunday mornings I snoop into other’s blogs and find myself thinking…I can do that. I really can?

I want to make this computer my friend, cut paper and make crafts, take a fun picture with my red camera, bake and cook without burnt edges and a smoke filled kitchen then, find my right side or the write side of me and exercise with this red “jawbone” bracelet on and in between all that find a book that doesn’t put me to sleep! And maybe tell a secret or two because that is really why we read others blogs, secrets? Caught you thinking!

What are your secrets?

Now tell the truth!


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