Day Three: Say Hello to the Neighbors

Hello Neighbor..Today’s assignment:follow five new tags in the Reader and five new blogs….that’s TEN!

Hello hello hello Hi hi…I guess that isn’t what is ment by following new readers..oh, haha.

They called it “Sharpen your thoughts”.  Let’s put on my funny hat here..  Everyone wants to follow the funny one, now don’t they. I can write funny but really I’m more the sit in the back and warm up to the party and that is done without alcohol. I’m going to be honest here.  I love to go looking at others blogs and say nothing, no comment left. That is who I am.  I have never been the first one picked for the game and that is ok with me. Because being a bench warmer is always better because someone always comes to talk to you. See it a win, win game.

I could put flowers out for those who garden.  I can plate up some food to get those foodies to follow me. I can show you my cards that I make for those who stamp. I started a book and well, I fell asleep soon after starting it, so putting up a book might not be who I am. How do I say…HEY I’M HERE…COME FOLLOW ME.  Pushing that button in the bottom right corner of the screen is what I’m talking about here!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you say to yourself, yes this one is a keeper.  Now that I’m on a job vacation for a while I’m hoping to post more. Leave me a comment, I think I will find it with that bell at the top of my page.

Enjoy, Smile and then laugh a little more today than yesterday.

Your new friend…Myra


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