Brainiac vs. Being Blonde

I really want to learn this stuff…you know, how to use my blog.  Somehow during my..let’s see what this does..I now follow my self! Yes, sometime it’s a wonder how I make it down my own street into the big world. But that’s really the easy stuff. 

But check this out..EXCITEMENT! I figured out how to change the color. You have know idea how happy I am at this moment.

Now, I want to know how to write something above my..leave me a comment.  I’m not sure what I want to put know something catchy would be good. 

How do I delete myself from my followers.  Geez, how do I do these things.

I guess I should go back and reread that blogging 101 class instruction. That all means I have to go to my email..ugh..start on day one then proceed to do all of the days and see where I went wrong. We all know where I went wrong, it all started on…I think I want to learn how to blog.

I hope you were laughing during this post.  I’m that person you met and wonder, how does she do the things she does. Oh just wait, it gets better.  Have you ever met someone that always has bad luck and you just don’t know how it all happens to one person. That is me, its a secret I keep.

Have a great Tuesday.  Just think in just a few days its FRIDAY the 13th.


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