My Pound cake mistake

Happy Monday.

I follow the amazing Jodi at life in between.  It’s been a year since I found her blog here.  She bakes some yum-yum, make beautiful cards and has some of the best followers. Yes, you can be jealous of her, she is everything I try to be but, some how I screw it up around step three or so.

She made this delicious looking Strawberry Lemon Pound cake.  I have a very small kitchen, but a great oven, with a few baking pans.  Somehow I get this confidence that I can copy her. I have baked in this kitchen for three years now.  But, today, just wasn’t the day for perfection or even close to… it’s okay Mom, you tried…ouch. Somehow the top just didn’t cook. I’m thinking maybe I should have pushed the strawberries down into the batter, or maybe pushed the batter closer to the sides and not so much in the middle. WHO knows, but, I scooped the top off and served it up.

I put it on my favorite plate or saucer (broke the cup), to make it look amazing.

Keep baking, keep being a secret follower, keep on doing what you know is fun…this is what my blog is all about.  Those secrets..we do keep them. Thank you Jodi for all that you give so many followers, you help me so much..hugs!

Picture1.29 2169


3 thoughts on “My Pound cake mistake

  1. Hi Myra! Just found your blog – thanks for commenting on mine, so I could find you! Look forward to getting to know you better! How cute that you made this cake. Sounds like you just may have underbaked it a bit. I use an electric convection oven so I wonder if my time is less than yours takes. I hope you will try again. And if it tasted good with the top scooped out – YIPPEE!! Hey – I make plenty of FLOPS too! Just don’t always share them! haha! But know that I do! Thanks for your sweetness!!! Hugs!


    • Thanks for stopping in. My blog is a work in progress. I would love for it to look like a picture window not a sink full of dishes. You have some amazing friends who follow you, so much fun to watch and read. My daughters dream is to go to Penn State, I’m hoping I can make that dream come true for her. Since we live in Southern CA she knows nothing about snow. Keep sharing snow picture, maybe I can change her

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      • All of us and our blogs are a work in progress Myra 🙂 Your sink full of dishes is endearing! How exciting for your daughter to want to go to Penn State from Southern CA! she may just love the snow and cold for a complete change!! I’m sure you probably don’t want her going so far though! It is hard to let them go, but an important phase for both you and her! I’m sure I’ll be posting snow! Hopefully soon. I love it now till about mid January, then…….. then… I get a bit sick of it LOL!


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