Made a fun gift

Picture1.29 2182 Picture1.29 2183

Happy Birthday to Maya.  What do you do for someone who likes everything…I decided to go with the gift of lottery tickets and some candy!  With five tickets her chances are not bad for winning something! The candy is for fun. Double Shot is a $2 ticket, the purple one is called Zombies, then there are three Quick$50.  The base is made out of a empty coffee container, you know the ones with a red top. I put foam in it and poked the candy in and the lottery tickets were taped on sticks. I wrapped the container with craft paper and punched out the “Happy Birthday” with Martha Stewart punch. Wrapped some ribbon on top and..this is what I do for my daughters friends!

I know I’m suppose to be doing my blogging 101 class projects but, I’m so behind and so lost that I stopped to do something fun.

Thanks for stopping by, you always make me smile.  Isn’t that what this blog is all about the smiles that new friends bring to us!


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