Tuesday Chatter Event 2

That wonderful smell of oat meal cookies fills my kitchen as I wait for my friends to come by.

As I open the oven door I feel the breeze come threw the window.  The air wraps me like that unforgettable hug.  It makes me smile.  As I put the hot cookies on the counter I feel the warmth again on my cheek, the softness of a quick kiss.  Now I feel my knees starting to become weak. I turn and say “Look what the wind blew in!”

My voice is weak as I start to speak, all I can say is…”I knew you’d stop by, what took you so long?  It’s been a long month without you.

My words start slowly and then I find myself in full conversation mode, something he knows so well from all our years together.

I talked to you Mom yesterday.  She almost has everything out of your house.  A man I never heard you speak about will be moving into it soon.  She seems fine, so strong and said she will be coming here after her birthday.  She said she will bring me some of your baking pan’s.

All those holiday’s together with the whispers of those who didn’t understand our love for each other.  Our laughter still fills my ears.  The pictures on my walls tell a story of true friendship. You never wanted me to feel alone and today I don’t.

It warms me to know my voice was the last message you heard before your heart stopped beating.  I wasn’t the girl who got away. You loved me so much, you didn’t want me to be your widow.  For that…I love you!

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