Sunday Challenge: Building Rome

Picture1.29 2202

Here I go again thinking I can do a challenge.

Seems simple enough. Make a list of things you should do for the week and get them done without beating yourself up when you fail. Then if you do fail write them a little easier for next week but do them.

I’m already doing the walking, so that is going to happen.  Make 10 Christmas card like the one you see on the left is something I started. So I have nine more to make. Figure out how to “link” my list…now that might take some help from a blog friend.  Making my kitchen curtains, honestly, I bought the material months ago and lazy walked into my soul and well, I just haven’t made them. I was really hoping to move and then I could just leave the old ones.  Making a dentist appointment, this needs to be done now.  My teeth will thank me.

I really had a fun time doodling, that really is my fun time.

Good luck to all who will be doing “Building Rome”.  You can do this, and yes I can too. Head high, smile on, shoulders back, you are looking good!



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