Happy Thanksgiving

It’s always a good day to tell your friends how grateful you are that they are in your life. Have a few hours of cooking and baking. Getting a few text messages from those far away is always fun. Then the eating and the walk around the block, always so unforgettable.

I went to visit my parents yesterday. The traffic was, like always, stop and listen to a song on the radio and move a little up. I got honked at once, geez, I did have my blinker on, that’s why I used it. It got dark fast. By the time I got up the hill, put the flowers in the vase, the sun was gone.  But, I had time to take a few pictures of their surroundings. I love the city lights.  You can see Los Angeles, those tall buildings light up the city with a smile. The palm trees are everywhere, tall and strong. Those distance clouds fill the sky with a beautiful pattern of lace. I miss them but, they have a home, a head stone that says it all with their wedding picture to tell their love story. So many years now without them, I leave happy flowers to show others that stop by to see their neighbors that they have someone who loves them.

Thanksgiving, a day to be grateful, my list is long of things I have.  But, I really should have listen to my parents and their wise words. I wouldn’t have so many secrets that I’m trying to smooth out.  Those rough edges that I have, from the stone wall I have build around me without them. The struggles are a part of my story..where was I going with this? Oh, thanksgiving, families, struggles, its all part of life. 

Tomorrow starts the shopping nightmare.  Why is it that American’s have a whole day to spend with love ones to be grateful, only to go out the next day to beat up someone for a gift they will be giving to those they love, for a few dollars less, on the next joyful holiday in four weeks? 

Smile, tomorrow is Friday.


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