Out drinking

My beautiful daughter Paige and I went out to a hipster kind of place to try something new.  I had a Pure Peach Tea and she had a Pink-a-boo drink.  Must say they were pretty good.  Next time we just might try the food, now that might be a challenge for me since it looked kindda Asian to me.  They call it chicken but really it might be their dog..gross!

Then we went out shopping and had some fun laughs and then we came home and I made some oat meal cookies.  I love this plate. This picture tells so much about “me”.  I love a great chair on sand, watching the waves and feeling that sea air, then eating my home made cookies. Nothing like happiness all mixed together!  The only thing missing is my sunglasses.

I love this girl!  She makes me laugh and does some of the silliest things to make me remember what I use to do at her age, I just didn’t share times like this with my mom. When we talk you wouldn’t know who it is, we sound so much alike. It’s so funny how we see something at the same time and laugh about it. We play “Slug-bug” together and always see one at the same time, we just don’t slug each other. Slug-bug is a game, when you see an old VW bug you yell it out.  I am one lucky Mom.

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