Polish, Paper,Photo..all in a days work!

Picture1.29 2275Gotta love a great day out.

You know when you just can’t decide on one bottle of nail polish, you have them in your hand and that feeling takes you to another thought. Do I need or want? How much money can I spend today? You look at your nails and think well, all of them will make me smile. You look at your hands that look like you have been working in the kitchen sink to long, at that moment you decide. Yes, I deserve these, I will just hide them where I hide all of the want things. You know where that is, some of us have more then one spot for that stuff. Excitement feels you like a warm blanket and sugar racing in your blood. Then I’m off to the craft store. Oh no, things are still on sale! I will just look, I’m sure I have most of this stuff.  Then my eyes go towards that paper stack.  Oh, that project from that You Tube channel will look so good with this paper. Yes, it’s a need. Then I hide by my washing machine to take pictures of my finds to hide my guilt from buying things before xmas. The feeling of JOY hits me like my first time putting my little red camera in my hands with those beautiful red nails wrapped around the love of paper that will hold all these photo’s I will put into that album I will make before the month of December ends.


Thank you to all of you who have thought of me during this sadness happening here in California.  I do live close, but I am fine. I have noticed more police out on the streets today. I just go about my day, we must live on and hope that the world gets better and hug the ones we love a little more. Thank you for asking, you are all so good to me.


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