Tuesday Chatter Event 5


It’s Tuesday, my day to write along with some new friends.  The chatter is about : what happens in your world on red cupTuesday.  It took me some time to think about what to write.  I have been home for a month now, unemployment is exhausting. Every Tuesday since August I have had five hours alone.  It has been something I have had to learn how to find something to do.  Being a mom, I’m not usually home alone for that much time. I have really tried to focus on doing something other then house cleaning. 

I really haven’t done a lot.  I have started walking more, I have gone to read at the library, wrote on this blog, here and then. I will grow up and learn to be alone, not something I am looking forward too.  Why?  Because I love being a mom.  I have something to do for someone and I enjoy it a lot. Growing up all I wanted to be was a mom. Maybe not like my own or like some of my friends.  I wanted to be my own kind.  The one who doesn’t yell, who sits next to her kids and enjoys the sounds of their chatter.  Listen to their music and sing the words along with them.  Teach them that it’s okay not to have a big family, we will make our own memories. The one who has time to listen, get in the car and do things. A mom who wears the same old clothes without complaining. Has her nails polished the same color as her daughters, the mom who isn’t worried about having another degree on her resume. I can say I have done this, and I love every minute of it. All those who told me that I was braking my back for nothing, they were all wrong.

Then I remembered that “Tuesdays” is trash day here on my street.  The creepy man that lives next door always seems to come over and take them to the curb for me the night before. Did I mention that hes creepy? He’s been trying to be my friend since the day he watched me move in my things.

One day he asked me if I was watching something on the news. I replied that I don’t have cable, so the t.v. doesn’t work.  He said, “That big t.v. doesn’t work?”.  Ok creeper how do you know the size of my t.v? He seemed to think the cable was still working because his was never shut off and has had free cable for 14 years. My radar went off. Well, I fixed the t.v.after listening to his advice. Did I mention that my beautiful daughter calls me Myranda, so that is what he calls me. Funny how the people on the other side of me calls me Myra.

This is what trash day looks like in my world on Tuesdays.  We put these ugly trash cans out on the curb, we have three different colors.  Then this big truck comes and pick’s up the whole trash can and dumps it in, and off he goes. 

That is the view from out of my front window.  That poor yard, we really need rain. See the house to the right of the red truck.  That is the biggest drug house on the street.  He must make a lot of money because there is a flow of drug weekly. Why don’t the police notice? Because two houses down is another one. Also the guy who live’s in the back house from me, yes the idiot who owns this dump I call home is also a drug dealer.  Who knew when I was looking for some where to rent I would get on the best drug dealing street. I’m lucky, they are always on the look out so my house is safe from robbers. If they came in they would be so disappointed in finding anything to steal. They would find some cookies on the counter and some left overs in the frig.  A red camera that holds my life moments, a few boxes of crafting supplies, my son’s room full of Duck Hockey stuff, my daughters love for Michael Jackson and that big t.v.  They couldn’t steal any of the love that keeps this house warm.  That isn’t something anyone can take from me.

Happy Tuesday Chatter.  I really had fun sharing my crazy little world with you. 


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