December Birthdays

Is this you?

Dec bsbyThis is my son Drew. He was born on a windy Sunday, on my kitchen floor. Yes, those fireman are way to cute to see me in that situation. After the fifth one walked in, I said, “Please No more men, Please”.  Then one looked down at me and said, “Don’t worry, we have seen many like you”. No, not mine. 

I always try to have the tree up and a party planned for Drew. It always seems to be raining on the 19th, but, that never stopped us from having a party in my small house. I remember one time, we went outside to the patio and blew bubbles and sang happy birthday to him. Another time all he wanted was Taco Bell, so my friend went out to get this order and we had a taco party, in the living room, in the kitchen or standing, it was a party! Ten boys and a few sisters and three Mom’s was the best day ever.  Then we made cookies.

Drew goes to college now.  This year won’t be a party, just a chocolate cake made with love.  How they grow up, meet new people, go in a different direction other then the ones we hoped for.  He will be 22 this year, with all his high hope that the world we treat him with respect and open arms…..he has a lot to learn.  I guess he hasn’t noticed what has happen to me.  Maybe I have hid it so well that he doesn’t see that my smile is painted on not always honest. Then again, boys see their Mom in a whole different light. I just hope he comes to my light when his church light is out. They say God works in amazing ways. My door is always open, the light is on, the hugs are the same. It’s just my heart that has been hurt, but can be repaired with a big Drew hug.

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