Oh Christmas Cards, Oh no

Did I get my craft on a little more than normal!

Now to pick the winner?  

Or should I just say how my friends won’t believe that I put cards in the mail and it’s not New Years.

I made 24 cards. I know what your thinking.  I’m thinking the same thing.  How many will I get in my mailbox.  We all know how that goes, let’s be honest here.  I might get back four, if I’m lucky. Those four will be with a letter of..where the heck have you been? why haven’t you called? I thought you were mad at me.  Do we all have the same friends?

So long ago I use to make 50 cards a month, I know.  I was in a card exchange group and it was a lot of fun. I have boxes of beautiful cards from some far away places with notes of fun things that they do.  It really made me stop and look at my life and think…I really need to go get a life. And so I did.  I can’t say I started on the right foot but, it was different that’s all I can say.

Pick a card and in it I will write, Happy Holidays, thanks for sharing your life with me on this fun blog. Your friendship means a lot to me. Following your blog makes me want to do more on mine.  Your new found friend, Myra


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