Cards I sent vs. Cards I have received

I got my craft on with the envelopes this year again.  I just hope they make it.  I sent one to a friend in the next city and it took three days.

I have a beautiful envelope from a lady I follow her blog, amazing art work on envelopes.  She doesn’t put anything in the envelope.  I still love it.

I love my new stamp with the 1938 truck.  I have so many ideas for it.  I can cut out the tree in the bed and make it a birthday card or a hello card for a guy.

I found a box at the library to sent card to service people.  So I’m going to send them some Happy New Years cards. What? that didn’t sound right.  There is a box, like a mail box at the library where you can put a letter in it and your card will be sent for you to a service person.  Now that makes more sense..or maybe not.

Have a great weekend.  I’m off to bake some cookies. You know Jodi gave me some ideas so lets see if mine come out half as good.


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