Now that yesterday is over…hello weekend

I love when I can wake up without the sound of the neighbor’s car leaving. No alarm going off to remind me of some where to be at a certain time.

Yes the weekend.  Let’s say it again…the weekend!

I am fully charged, felling like it’s a new year.  I’m ready for something fun to do.  The sun is out, it’s a little cool but, that wind of yesterday is gone.

Oh the feeling you get for a Saturday.  I just wish everyday felt this good.  Then you realize we have Sunday too.  Another day to enjoy, another day of doing what makes you feel good.  

It’s so amazing how the sound of a simple word can make you feel. Weekend makes me feel alive, worth living with a smile, let’s go find out what is past the front door.

Welcome Back.  It’s great to feel happy.

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