The Last Book Store

This is a fun store.  Downtown Los Angeles on 5th Street @ Spring.

It use to be a bank and a book lover turned it into a work of art.

This is the view from the top floor.Picture1.29 2433This is where you pay for your finds.  Love how they put so many great books together as a bar table.Picture1.29 2434This is a tunnel of reading. So much to read.Picture1.29 2426Picture1.29 2429I love this book shelf.  Lots of people took picture there, so I had to do it too.Picture1.29 2405This is a book shelf in a corner..interesting.Picture1.29 2404This is an old type writer with the paper going up to the ceiling.  This is the stairs from the front door.Picture1.29 2401They have some setting that is on a high riser.Picture1.29 2402We took a trip upstairs.Picture1.29 2406Here is a fun bench, made from a Chevy truck gate.Picture1.29 2421Found some art work on the walls for sale. Picture1.29 2410Some art work for sale. I stood and really looked at this piece.Picture1.29 2414Here is another piece I thought had a personality.Picture1.29 2395In the record department I found this old radio with a plant in it,looking out the window to the street.Picture1.29 2391This is the address…453 5th Street  Downtown Los Angeles, CA

I really had fun walking around the book, art and the people who where taking pictures.  It was a great day out at the Last Book Store.


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