It’s Tuesday, Time to Chatter

Happy Tuesday.  Happy New Years.  Happy Rainy Day.Picture1.29 2309When do you stop saying Happy New Years?  Funny how people will make eye contact with you in the food store, opening a door, pumping gas and never say, “Good Morning” or even crack a smile as in “Hello”.  But, now that it’s January, it’s Happy New Years.  As I walk around the park for my 30 minutes of head clearing exercise, people will always say back to me, Hello, well in my town it Hola, or some version of Hello in some Asia tone.  It make’s me think, if I’m walking people seem to be nicer. Is it because we have something in common called…exercise.  If I’m in the store the cashier now says “happy new year” not just, do you need help to your car or thank you, do they get a new company t-shirt if they are nicer in this month?

Every January we make those list of things we will, do better at, getting it done or not.  I have not seen one person put on that list to be friendlier, to say “Hello” to someone new every day.  Saying Good Morning is so easy to do, give someone a kind smile is just as simple. Yes, we are busy.  Are we that afraid someone will think we are crazy or going to do harm to them.

I have a way of people asking me for directions, what time it is, what hours is this store open until.  Funny how, I’m unemployed at this time, my direction isn’t where they are going.  I didn’t make eye contact with them to say, “Hey, your in my way”.  My life isn’t a cake walk right now but, I stop and make time to help, if I have the right answer that is. What is it in my face that say’s, let’s ask this lady she looks like she has all the  It doesn’t have to be January for me to smile, be helpful or even make a sandwich for the homeless guy that sits on the curb by the store. This is who I am and who I hope I can continue to be.

January is 31 days long.  What do we do on February 1st.? 

I think I will walk a little fast, shoulder back, on with those sun glasses and smile big, that lip stick was bought to fool everyone that happiness is on for the whole day not just for the month of January.

Happy New Year it’s the first Tuesday of 2016, it’s the day we chatter.  We can write about anything we want.  We can go on and on about what nobody else thinks about but, what is rolling around in my head doesn’t roll out of yours and it is fine. I hope I made you think about the next time you are sitting at a red light and look over at the car next to you and you see someone smiling.  Will it make you smile or will you think they are crazy?  If it is someone who has a look of what you wish you could be today than turn up that radio and go with that song.  Idea’s come in many forms, I’m staying with my smile, it’s the end of a Tuesday and I’m off to take my 90 year old God Mother to the airport in the morning. Now that’s a whole other story.  Quiet starts again for me tomorrow around 10 am, breathe just breathe.


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