Today is January, which is ONE, the sixth, which is Six, the year is Sixteen or ONE SIX.

I spent my day in the John Wayne Airport in Costa Mesa,CA.  My wonderful God Mother told me the wrong time of her flight so we got there when it was leaving.  So we booked her a later flight, so we had to go home and come back.

While driving back the rain came down hard.  Great day to get on the freeway.  We managed to get into the airport again and we felt a earthquake.  Do I say, hey, I think that was an earthquake or just say nothing.  She looked at me with those eyes of, what was that?  Then as I was taking off my shoes to be scanned the lights went off.  Oh great, my 90 year old God Mother has made it threw but, now she thinks I have broke the machine and is giving me that eye.  After 30 min’s of waiting with my shoes off and realizing I have two different color socks on, the man behind me says to someone in the waiting game, it’s really bad in Denver today. What is really bad? That is where she’s going.  I was then stopped by TSA, they wanted to see what was under my pants on my left leg, ok you can pat it.  Dumb lady that was my right leg you just had your hands on.  Ok she says your good.  Yes, I am and next time try my other left side…haha

As we sit at the gate, I’m thinking about what I heard in line, maybe I should go look at that screen.  OMG, this flight is going to leave two hours late.  She will miss here connection.  So down stairs we go.  

Denver is snowed in and well, I make a decision to keep G-ma one more night at my place so she isn’t sitting in Denver alone.  Now, where is her bags that we checked in?  I said to her it’s ok if they went on the plane I have things for you to wear. No she wanted her own p.j.  Luckily her bags were found and we were off to home again.  

We will see what tomorrow brings for this 90 year old traveler.

My daughter thought it was funny how I always tell my kids to put on matching socks, you never know what might happen.  I must have learned it from my mom and now I know what can happen, the lights go off in an airport, right after the lightening and an earthquake. Oh and by the way the Power Ball is up over 500 million today.  I hope one and six are lucky for me!


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