Power Ball Jan.9, 2016

Wishing on a big dollar amount here.  I have never bought this many Power Ball tickets ever in a month.  But. with this 900 million dollar amount, everyone is getting in on it.

I walked into my favorite store to pick up the paper to pick my own numbers, there was a lady looking at the paper with confusion, so I asked, “do you know how to play?”, No she didn’t.  Wow, a new player, they are always the ones who win.  So I explained the paper to her and how much it cost and how many numbers to pick.  I hope she remembers me when they give her that big check..lol

If you are playing this today, I hope you win and do big things with the money.

What will I buy?  That is an easy list.  First a house on Myra Ave in the city I now call home. Then go shopping for everything new for that house, all those great tools to bake with in that new kitchen..heavenly! Next, my daughter will get to go to Penn State..what a dream come true. Some of the things that would really make me smile would be to give money to band & color guard team my daughter was on in high school. Also go to the library I grew up reading in and pay all the over due fines that ppl haven’t payed to give back to those who need a little help. I guess what I’m really saying is…I will do what the Helpful Honda People are doing, those random acts of kindness will be where a lot of that money will go too.  It’s fun to see someone smile.

Good Luck, I hope you win too!


2 thoughts on “Power Ball Jan.9, 2016

  1. Good luck to you as well. I love your wishlist for the money if you win it. I, too, would consider buying a house (or at least put away money for one when I’m ready), and baking supplies galore, and pay off all the loans my parents took out for me to attend college, and travel somewhere new… this list can go on and on!


    • Thank you. We all need a wish list. I just hope whom ever gets all that money does some good and doesn’t blow it on useless moments.
      I bought another quick pick today only because the guy at the store told me the line will be really long tomorrow..lol I got numbers that are in a row..well I already know I’m not a winner!
      Thanks for chatting with me!

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