Playing with color & paper

I was cleaning out a box and found these water color’s that I forgot I had, along with this stamp.  

Where to start?  I decided I didn’t need to think, just start playing.Picture1.29 2492I got a little crazy with this one.  But, I have a friend who doesn’t judge me so this one is for her!Picture1.29 2496You never know what can happen when you find time to mix it all together.  I need to sit and play some more with this one, so much fun!Picture1.29 2501I have always had markers and now I have “Sharpies”.  They come in so many colors…happiness!Picture1.29 2487You never know what will show up in a card from me, made with love.Picture1.29 2488I have gotten three cards from mailing out Christmas cards.  One of my friends wrote that she hasn’t had a card from me in three years.  Where have I been?  I felt so bad. Then, I thought,  I have a mail box too. 

Where have you been in the last three years?  I know I had that same reaction.  We all try to be that great friend, getting better at what make’s us happy, our kids grow up, the dog is gone and we find ourselves alone.  People around us have changed so we find a change too.  Where have I been?  Mixing in with life and all the things that changed around me.  At this age do I have to explain myself?  

Onward with 2016, a new year, a new blog, surrounding myself with people who enjoy me for who I am, those who cheer me on for seeing my world from a new lens!  Maybe 2016 will be my year, or is it the smell of “Sharpies” that has given me this new power?  I hope this feeling stays around, I like


6 thoughts on “Playing with color & paper

  1. I love how you did those stamps and colored on a printed page! I love the third one down – looks like it’s framed – and display-worthy! So creative!


    • Thank you. I made them into cards, for snail mail! Something I’m trying to get back into. I put my stamps away because of my crazy work hours, now that I don’t have that any more I pulled my hobby back out and having fun again.


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