My walking friend is hurt

I have a great friend, we have been walking together for two months now. Jenny had a knee replacement and needed some motivation to get out and walk. I just love laughing with her, so I started both of us walking every day.  Yesterday, Jenny went to the mall with her friend and fell on her new knee…ouch.  She was taken to the hospital, during the test they found she had broke her leg.

My friend is down for the count for a while.  

I feel a little lost today.  My walking partner is gone.  I looked out side and it looked gloomy. I picked up this little place I call home and decided, I need to walk.  I am so good at finding an excuse not to do for me.  So, I’m putting on these great shoes and I’m off to breathe fresh air, look around this town, find a new path to explore and continue this goal I have, to learn how to put exercise first.

Picture1.29 1012Here goes!  With a smile on my face, I’m hitting the pavement alone.  We will see what story I will come back with!  I do live in California, anything is possible.

Get better Jenny, I miss you already.

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