Worth the walk

Picture1.29 2510As I was walking in the park, I went a different path then I usually go.  Laughing with my daughter I saw something ahead of me on the ground.  I couldn’t believe my luck, it really is money! It was folded with it’s own personality.  Yes, I looked around for more, that’s my style.  Then not to many more steps we found a nickle.  I said to my daughter, I wonder if that nickle I dropped the other day under the car is still in the same spot…hahaha..it was there.  

With my five dollars and ten cents, I put it in my wallet and I’m sure I will find someone who needs it just a little more then I do some day while I am out and about.  Sometimes we need to pay it forward to have good happen in our own world.  Maybe it will bring me good luck at finding a job!


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