A good reason to hit my pillow

You know when you go to the library and can’t decide, so you get a few different reads!

I must say Jodi Picoult is always one I will put in my hand first.  Then I saw, “The Girl On The Train” By Paula Hawkins.  I have seen a lot of my blog friends reading this one, so like the quiet follower I am, I put it in my hand.  Bob Harper is someone I will read, listen and learn from any time. That man has a lot of “secrets”! More than 6, I’m sure of that. His body is a coloring book.  I wouldn’t want him to get into my attic, yikes! Sharing secrets with him would be a moment I might need a box of Kleenex or two.  Hey Bob, my kitchen table has heard a lot of secrets, you are welcome any time.

Picture1.29 2521Then this lovely book caught my eye, “If You Find This Letter” By: Hannah Brencher. There is something about a great cover, that has that effect that stop’s me with that feeling of…open me, take me to your reading spot. This is a great book.  I just got started with it but, I think it will be on my list of top best reads.  We all need a good read. And my wonderful daughter thought this book needed a friend to hold it up too.Picture1.29 2522Today is Tuesday, it’s time to chatterred cup It’s always fun to chatter about a book.

When I learn how to link, then my silly little chatter will be part of the party.  But, until then, this is it.  I got my resume sent online to a company I would like to work at so, I have made some big girl steps. It’s hard to believe that all four of my kids were on honor roll, how did I help them do that? I know, I help everyone before helping myself but, that’s a good thing….right? 

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