Punching hearts

Picture1.29 2528It’s that time again. Finding the heart punch and making a card happen.  Put a punch in my hand and I’m making fun happen. Is it that sound of paper or the click of the punch?  I don’t know but it’s hours of entertainment for me. Picture1.29 2531With just a few supplies, it all comes together in a few fun minutes.  I cheated and used already made cards and added the hearts with foam squares using my Recollections 5/8′ punch. I used white card stock and my Copic marker “R27”.Picture1.29 2529It takes no time to make two, then I decided to make a few more and put them in the box I found at the Cerritos Library where cards and letter’s are sent to Marines and Sailor’s. Who knows who will get them. I added a postage stamp inside so they could sent a card to me or to someone else.  It’s always fun to have a stamp fall out of a card.

In the month of February there are people all over the world who sent cards to just about anyone for some type of National Writing month.  I have read about it in a few blogs, not sure if your suppose to send 29 cards to the same person or different people.  My P. O. box would sing with joy if I received 29 cards in a month. I have a few friends who draw fun things on the envelope, which catches the eye of the sweet lady who puts the mail in my box.  We have had some conversations about my crafty friends over the years.  Yes, I am one of those who still doodles on an envelope with love of course. It’s just something about making and envelope a work of art, that makes me smile as I drop it into that blue box.  Pushingtheenvelope.blogspot.com has a lot of friends who do amazing envelopes.

How many cards do you send out in the month of February? So far I have 7 ready to go in the mail tomorrow.  If you want one of these to help me send out 29 cards this month let me know… missmyrahop@gmail.com  or you can find me at

Myra H

P.O. Box 3471

Cerritos, Ca 90703

February is here already, when did the month of January start moving so fast? Ouch..age!


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