Coloring for Grown-ups

Picture1.29 2540I love my coloring book, it let’s me share with my friend Jenny who is still in the hospital. Yesterday, I sat with Jenny and we ate candy, picked out the best color pencils for our flowers and laughed about how our 35 year friendship has been a lot of fun.

A staff member came in to see if she needed anything and loved her page, I love it when people notice Jenny.  I guess what we were doing was talked about at the nurses station and a few more came in.  I love it when she smiles.  She misses her dog at home, so smiles are hard to get these days.Picture1.29 2542I just played with a few colors and did it slow so we could talk more.  My heart goes out to Jenny.  She is so shy but, I love it when she gets the chance to be brave and say bold things. She always feels comfortable around me and she can be the girl with a silly side that others don’t get to see. It’s so sad how some people look at a handicap person as a reason not to say hello or give a friendly smile.  There is a real person inside of them, just like in all of us.Picture1.29 2543I can’t wait to start this one…..Oh fun!


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