Time for Tuesday Chatter

Happy Tuesday to you.red cup

It’s time for that “Red Cup” to come out of the cupboard and sit happily on the table in front of you. Let’s fill it up with some peach tea.  There are donuts today because my wonderful son Special K had to get them for Fat Tuesday.
Our friend Don always brought us donuts for Fat Tuesday.  Now that Don has passed away, we will continue his love for a box of yummy donuts on this day for ever.

Tuesday Chatter is about the big Super Bowl 50.  I must say, I did watch some of it.  See, I have this very comfortable sofa that has a way of sucking me into a great nap soon after turning on the t.v.  I did see Lady Gaga, she looked amazing.  Loved the red outfit along with those shoes!  Did you see those shoes?  One was blue with white stars, the right one was red and white stripes. Her nails were blue and her make up was truly her own.  The hair took a better look.  It has taken her years to grow up and it has been a struggle but, she has made it with a great amount of beauty.  

Now for the half time show.  I must say, I was sleeping.  I missed it.  But, I did see a few funny commercials.  I really thought the game was boring.  My son played football in high school and his games had more to see than this Super Bowl.  My son played for the love of the game not for millions of dollars from a contract.  The gold confetti that blow all over the field was cool.

Enough about football, let’s talk about bloggers!  The friendship that is made is like a hug.  I was reading someones blog and I looked over to see who she follows.  To my happy surprise I was #49 on her list!  ME! Yes, the quiet one who peeks in and has a giggle or two and steps out to bake something she baked or bring out my markers to draw something I saw.  I even find the color of the day and go searching for something and take a picture.  Another blog I saw my picture of my drink of choice, along with my pen, paper and those funky reading glasses, I was someone she follow’s…Wow!  

I find myself following people who have posted something that I am interested in.  I know a few of them are the age of my kids but, those blogs are things I love to see.  I love to see others in the snow, the love of nail polish, the families that eat together also laugh together.  Some days I feel like I went on a great vacation without a pass port, so fun!

Then there are other days when nobody has stopped by my blog and I wonder, what makes bloggers stop by?  Is it what I’m sharing or that first line that isn’t exciting.  I guess it’s like the Super Bowl, some people sit and watch and others take a much need nap.

My Tuesday Chatter comes to an end.  Tomorrow starts another challenge for those who know something about 40 days and 40 nights.  What should I give up?  What would I miss if I couldn’t touch it for 40 days.  As Easter comes in sight will I continue to let it be out of my life or will I rush to grab it?  Something I won’t give up is this blog.  I have a lot to learn.  But, with every button I push or delete I learn something new ever time.  Thanks again for stopping by and sharing that little time with me and a “red cup”!

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