Love snail mail

Picture1.29 2578I have some of the best friends in the mail.  They make me laugh with words I’m sure they would never say if we were face to face.  You really learn what someone is feeling, straight from the heart.  

I’m trying so hard to send a letter a day in the month of February.  It always starts out with a great idea and then you realize maybe this is harder than doing the dishes alone after a holiday meal. Now that I have received this many cards, I’m thinking it’s not so bad.Picture1.29 2584I made these to send out for the next two days. I stopped making heart cards and back to finding a stamp to show some different love.

I hope you are having a great day and when you go to your mail box there is something to make you smile.

2 thoughts on “Love snail mail

  1. I love snail mail too! There’s something magical about waiting for a letter to arrive and then finally seeing it in the mailbox, usually when you’ve forgotten about it and then it brightens your day even more.


    • That’s exactly how I feel. I love that feeling of opening up an envelope and starting to hear that persons words as you read them. I love leaving notes for my kids, my daughter found one in her new book..shes in college..she texted me laughing!

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