Saturday in downtown LA

Picture1.29 2588Hello California driving. I love the driving skills of LA drivers, see the green signs ahead? Make up your mind and do it, it’s just that simple. I love LA, this is where I call home.Picture1.29 2591Love the streets of Los Angeles, the tall buildings that are growing higher, those palm tress that line every street, but look closer they can also be a cell phone tower.  I know they look like a tree.Picture1.29 2592Wilshire is the start of the fashion district.  There is a popular school on this street called FIDM. If you get in, you have made it to the best world of fashion.Picture1.29 2593The big clock is the opening of a park.  Even the big city has a place to relax, well, you get to next to traffic.Picture1.29 2595Then I found someone in their fun car.Picture1.29 2598We had lunch at “The Counter”. You build your own sandwich. This is what is left from a chicken sandwich with string onions.  I heard about this place from two guys I listen to on the radio.  So we went out looking for it.  25 miles later.  It was pretty tasty. The service was really good, she told us about other places to go see, very helpful.Picture1.29 2599The menu didn’t have prices on it so, here is the price of a grilled cheese sandwich called a Trifecta. But, the chicken sandwich was well worth the drive and price.  I just love how they tell you how much to tip. Picture1.29 2604Out walking we found some great spots to see.  Next time we will go on Metro Rail, the parking is crazy.  I paid a meter .25cents for 3 minutes..ouch.  So I went into a parking lot. That was a learning experience for me with paying for the wrong spot.  Ok so I’m new at this parking stuff.  But, next time I will know better.Picture1.29 2608Angels Flight is a well known land mark in Los Angeles.  I don’t think it works any more.  But it is so beautiful.Picture1.29 2614This was build so you wouldn’t have to walk up the steep steps.  There is about 200 of them so I tried them and it wasn’t so bad.Picture1.29 2615This is a pole that has the history of this wonder piece of history.Picture1.29 2617Here we go up the steps.  Love the graffiti along the way.  People were taking pictures, it was a beautiful day.  You can see that California has had some rain lately so it’s all green here.Picture1.29 2618Here is the trolley that you get into and take this slow ride up this historical land mark. They are so beautiful.  Gotta wonder how many movie star’s have taken the ride.Picture1.29 2620At the top of the steps you find this beautiful area.  The water is level with the walk way.  Just wonder how many people have fallen into the water.  The planters are very pretty.Picture1.29 2621This is a building full of nice shops.  This whole area has a “circle” theme so I took a picture of this building. It must be called “CA Plaza Water Court”.Picture1.29 2623This is in the middle of the plaza.  It looks like it must shoot water out of the circles, it just wasn’t working today. This area was next to a cafe where it looks like a place where everyone would gather for lunch or a fun resting place.Picture1.29 2624Then after the circle of water I found these crazy steps.  They are made uneven. You really need to pay attention to where you are stepping up these.  I love the design.  What a great plaza.Picture1.29 2626We walked miles in and around 7th Street, Hope Street, Wilshire Blvd. and Spring.  They were filming something down this street today. I love how this building is all lit up.

Beautiful Los Angeles.  So much to see and so worth the time. A fun day just to go have lunch at a place my two favorite radio guys talked about.  Then to my surprise, we found Angel Flight, CA Plaza Water Court and some fun people to talk too. 


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