Soap & Glory

Picture1.29 2585When I can’t take a vacation, I bring those wonder smells into my bathroom.   Who doesn’t love a little fresh & foamy smell of Lime Oil with some Kiwi water juice. Then I can top it off with some pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla that is lightly whipped. 

The label says to, make it a glam slam: rub anywhere that needs a little rub and devotion.  Wow it even sings to me. The warning: we are legally obliged to remind you that this is not food!  Made to make your skin sing (not your eyes sting). Should a reckless rub steer your buttercream askew, rinse thoroughly with cool water. 

I thought that was what a home vacation was, reckless moments that steer you askew.  

I can only hope to feel well rested and kissed by a nut, then showered with energy.

All this love for only $25 and I get to sleep in my own bed.  I love a good adventure, even if it’s only soap and butter.


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