Turn a negative into a Positive

Picture1.29 2627Someone left me a mean note on my car window today.  I found it on my back window under the wiper.  This person doesn’t know me or put it on the wrong car.  It said “You’re going to hell”.  The air escaped from my lungs with shock.  Who leaves notes like this on a car?  It must be a very unhappy person.

I looked around as if to find this person.  I looked at my car thinking..it’s clean, well loved, why this car?

Why don’t I ever get fun notes.  Notes that make your heart skip a beat.  Notes that someone took the time to make you smile.  Those quotes that have you stop and think or help you dream.

I just want to pull out every bright color of Post-it note pads and write some of these quotes and plaster them on every car I park next too.  I want to leave a smile on every bench I pass while walking in the park.

I am not one to cry but this one really hit me hard today.  I feel like I’ve been kicked to the dirt.  This negative note was small in size but the words where so big.  Somehow, I’m going to find a way to turn it into a positive.  I can’t leave this one alone.  I hope nobody else got this message today.



5 thoughts on “Turn a negative into a Positive

  1. That’s awful and I’m sure it wasn’t meant for you. You are absolutely right, this note writer must be very unhappy and bitter. Take comfort in the fact you are a much happier and nicer person than they are 🙂 (ps, it’s snowing this morning!)


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