Play with paper

Picture1.29 2635Long ago I bought this amazing pack of paper but, it was always to pretty to cut up.  Well, today I cut it up and made three cards.  After looking at this card, I think I can get another piece and cut away in happiness.Picture1.29 2636I must say this one is my favorite.  I cut out the bird cage and didn’t even cry that it was in the middle of the paper.  Picture1.29 2638This butterfly has such a personality, I decided to keep it simple.Picture1.29 2633Then when I pulled out these white envelopes, I decided they needed some fun. I think I will find a way to make a card with this stamp too.  

I’ve been inspired by yet another amazing blog.


7 thoughts on “Play with paper

  1. That butterfly paper pack is one of my favorites! You created such beautiful things with it! I recognize the birdcage one in particular, so I know firsthand what a struggle it must have been to cut it out from the center of the paper 😀


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