Picture1.29 2639Here I go again thinking I can…so I did it.  I found this amazing crafter, Hannah at   She can do this with the best advice.  Trust me I asked & she helped me a lot.  I had never thought about buying alcohol inks or those little ink pads.  It just never looked like something I could do. When I saw how much fun she was having, I went for it.  I found three bottles in a pack.  I didn’t know what colors to get so I went for one’s I thought would be a rainbow.  It worked.  I’m still not sure I got the paper that works the best, it’s suppose to be glossy.  That’s another trip to the craft store!Picture1.29 2640I started with purple..who wouldn’t!  Then some cranberry, some of the green.  I’m not crazy about that green  Then out with my Sharpie, my two stamps and it’s a perfect mess!Picture1.29 2641This one is my favorite.  I copied what she did.  I used a cotton ball and played.  It was easy.  Then I added some words and a flower..a card is born.Picture1.29 2642This one was not where I was going but, it turned out with style.Picture1.29 2646Let’s just call this a mistake not a regret.  I am the one who can make all the color’s turn brown.Picture1.29 2649This was going good until I thought more color would make it brighter.  Well, lesson learned.

I hope you stop by Hannah’s blog and get inspired like I have.

12 thoughts on “Ink-alot

  1. It’s fun to try new things, play like that, figuring things out — makes me feel like a kid again.
    I love that last duck. What a sunny, sassy disposition she has 🙂


  2. So glad you had fun – how can you not with these messy inks and the results are great. I love that camera stamp. I’m currently playing with my yupo paper and new inks. The paper makes a huge difference to the look of the ink. They suddenly look so much more vibrant.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next ☺


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