All by my self

Picture1.29 2666It’s always happiness when I find something in bloom, that I grew!  I have wanted California Poppies to grow in my flower pots for years.  This must be my year. Excitement, what a feeling.Picture1.29 2663It’s not very big but, it’s beautiful!  Best of all, it’s in my yard.  I have had flower pot gardens for years now.  I rent, so I don’t want to leave my garden behind for maybe someone who doesn’t care.  Don’t you love that green finger nail!!  GO IrishPicture1.29 2665It’s so fun to see how a small plant can come alive, grow in a flower pot and make a sad patch of a walkway come to life.Picture1.29 2671The colors are amazing.  This is California, the home of sunshine.


8 thoughts on “All by my self

  1. It’s a beautiful poppy – in fact all your pots look lovely. You have made me very envious of your sunny photos. I’m in the UK and today has been dull with non stop rain. Totally and utterly miserable. I’m hoping that spring is just round the corner!


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