Lemon ricotta cookies…Oh happiness

Picture1.29 2674My kind of happiness.  With the first bite, this cookie takes you into lemon cookie heaven.  It’s like putting on your favorite outfit and knowing you look amazing, without saying words.  This cookie is all put together.Picture1.29 2678I found this recipe on…It’s cooking with Magda blog.  She is someone who knows how to bake & it looked like something I could bring into my little kitchen.  So happy I did.Picture1.29 2679My little table is so happy to show off these yummy Lemon Ricotta Cookies with happiness.  They are like a cake with lemon sweetness on top.  You can make these.  I thought ricotta cheese was only for noodles…haha…not any more.  

If you know anything about me, you know I’m still exploring that place called grocery store.  I used my lemon zester today, that is going to use some more practice. My son stood next to me with his comments about how he thought it should be used.  Always welcome help in the kitchen, even better when it turns into laughter.

Who needs a fancy cook book when I have blogging friends!!


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