What Time is IT?

I love day light savings time, time change, new season or what ever you call it.  I love how you look at time differently for a whole day or more.  The radio use to tell us what time it was every 30 minutes but, that was the old days.  My Dad’s Grandfather clock use to make me stop and listen every 15 minutes.  I can hear the clock from the college ding & dong if the wind is blowing the right way every day.

Yesterday,  I changed all of the clock’s about 6 p.m.  Then took off to do a few things, when I came home my daughter said, “I didn’t think it was that late already”.  She hadn’t looked at her cell phone to notice I had changed all the clocks in the house…haha…I use to change the clock when my kids were younger so they would go to bed early.  It still work’s today! 🙂


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