Pi(e) Day was Monday

I never remember until the news makes a big deal about March 14 being Pie Day.  It always sounds like fun to bake a pie on that day.  If you know me, I’m always late.  So let’s make today my day to make a pie.  What pie should I make?  Fruit, meat, or surprise?  Let’s pull out that magazine I bought, that I put all those pink post it notes in and bake up a pie.  Let’s pick Orange Chocolate Ricotta Pie by: Trisha Kruse of Eagle, ID  It looks easy enough, I know where the ricotta cheese is at the store, always a plus.  Ready, set, bake.

Looking pretty.  I found myself having fun making the lattice work.  My first pie.  Now for the tasting test.  To be honest, I really think I needed to put in the orange liqueur.  The taste is a little boring, sorry Trisha.  The chocolate with orange is different.  I’m excited that it baked all the way, didn’t burn it and the smoke alarm wasn’t needed.  

This wasn’t a complete disaster.  My kitchen is safe and one more thing off of my March challenge list.

Magazine used: Taste of Home Special Collectors Edition  Spring 2015  Page 116


4 thoughts on “Pi(e) Day was Monday

  1. Looks fabulous! 🙂 I think I can smell it!
    Sorry you didn’t love it — are you gonna do it again with orange liqueur or just move on to another pie?


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