Stop and smell the roses

On a bright and sunny day, here on my sad little street, where neighbors don’t wave a quiet “Hello”, I find at the end of my postage stamp size yard this beautiful rose bush in full bloom.  At one time, someone rented this house, like I do now, and planted this amazing site of spring.  The neighbor to the left of me has a kitchen window that, when open, can see these roses all day long.  They will never know how lucky they are, in many ways.  They will never know that I would share these with them, because I feel flowers in one’s garden should be shared. They will never know how they could have a friend to speak too.  They will never know how friendship grows over a simple “Hello”, “Good Morning”, or even “Hi there neighbor”. They will never know any of this because they are to busy having the biggest house, fastest car, flashy clothes and endless moments of turning their backs to the world.  Happiness blooms in my yard, in my kitchen, and from my smile of being friendly.  If people could be like a blooming rose bush, we could all see a brighter day.


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