Good OL’ George

Picture1.29 2774American money.  We find it, spend it, lose it, keep it, lend it, bet it, gift it, hide it, fold it, wash it, collect it, waste it and then some of us write on it.

TRAINWRECK…those are some big letters printed on this one dollar bill.  I must have gotten this from some change at the store.  It made me laugh when I first saw it.  When I think of a train wreck, I think of a bad relationship I have walked away from.  A real train didn’t come into my thoughts at all.  Gotta wonder what they were thinking when they wrote it.  I wonder if they will ever see it again?  Now it’s up to me to decide if I should spend it or keep it.  I do find myself keeping dollars with words on them and then spending them all in the same place.  Then the next person in line gets my change with a message or trainwreck in this case.

I wonder if I give it to a homeless person, will they think it’s a sign or spend it on something good?

Maybe I should put it in a plastic egg and leave it somewhere.  I wonder what the person who finds it will think?  Where should I leave it?  


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