Happy Easter

Another wonderful Sunday, along with Easter.  My wonderful son heard me say that I wanted to learn how to draw tulip’s, so he brought me some real one’s to enjoy.  Easter isn’t complete without some Peeps!  

Then there is that friend who gives me recipes to try, without trying them out first.  These were not bad.  It say’s it makes 12 cookies…well, I got a few extra out of it.  I have never made just one sheet of cookies before.  It’s almost like, what’s the point of baking cookies if you can’t share.  

Spring Break is over.  It was fun hanging out with my bestie, even with her and that speech she was working on for three days.  I got some time with everyone who calls me “Mom”, along with those who make my family bigger, I now feel like a blanket of love walked into my house.

Back to Monday morning…life!  One of my darlings has a challenge.  Every time you go to the bathroom you do 25 squats.  I don’t need another challenge but I could use a little less butt.  With three bottles of water in me, I might be doing a lot of those squats…ouch.  I’m going to try this one.  If I ate one less cookie from my baking event’s they might get easier.

By Friday we will be into the month of April, not my favorite month…we all have those reasons.

Happy end of March.


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