March 31…don’t leave yet

I’m not crazy about the month of April, and look… it starts tomorrow.  So I decided to go shopping today and find some happiness.  That craft store screams my name. Looks like I can have some fun with this haul.  Picture1.29 2791All month I have talking about making April 2016 different.  Make a new memory for every day in April.  Something to look back on.  I came up with some idea’s, some are idea’s that others I follow do weekly.  I’m going to show you around my town, let’s draw a bird, mail a letter, take a walk, sing a song, eat, drink and use that cook book!

Tomorrow, I’m going to introduce you to Paige.  I’m caller her the star of the show.  When she came into my life I didn’t have a name for her.  All I could think to say was, put another page in my book, that is how this star got her name. Picture1.29 2789As you can see I have a few days that are blank.  With your help in my comment box, you will get to pick something.  Emma suggested that the 30th should be a recap of the month. A pretty good idea.

I’m ready for this.  I hope you find something to make, share and laugh about. Tell a friend and bring them along too.


4 thoughts on “March 31…don’t leave yet

    • Now to just sit and craft! I need to set a time and just do it!
      My board was fun to make, Tuesday & Thursday are my less stress days so, I made those day to go do something out. A lot of my friends are doing that A-Z challenge, I went a different way.

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