The Star of my world..Paige

All this month I am going to show you around my world.  What better way to start day ONE off with..The star of my world Paige.  

She is AMAZING.  She is the brightest light into everyone’s heart.Picture1.29 478She can make you laugh out loud in the middle of a quiet moment with just that smile.Picture1.29 2771Her favorite thing to do…showing the world a new Starbucks drink.  Gotta know if it’s worth getting… in her words.Picture1.29 2761She is the best little sister in the world.  Paige & Kevin have more inside jokes, endless laughs and their singing…well, I guess it’s singing!Picture1.29 367TAG has the best Aunt in the world, what a lucky girl.Picture1.29 2684When I want to say, “What are you doing?”.  It’s all in a day of Paige.  MacK..what a great friendship.Picture1.29 1635When she knows you are looking, she put’s on her best smile!Picture1.29 234Nobody can love Michael Jackson more than Paige.  If he only knew what he missed, finding her as a friend.Picture1.29 638Then there is art work for those holidays.  Let’s just call this a master piece.Picture1.29 463She loves her make up and also loves to give it as a gift.  Her favorite thing to say would be, “You know you want to craft Mom”.Picture1.29 2082Now that’s a picture in need of a story.  We counted the days before someone would think they needed them from in front of our house.  She can find the silliest things in this world.Picture1.29 2629Picture1.29 2797She will tell you how much she hates to go into a craft store with me but, then she finds something she likes and says..hey I like this store.  Thanks Hobby Lobby, now I have something to make her.Picture1.29 2800Gotta love a great joker.  She thought I would think the computer was broke on this April Fools Day but, it was brother who found it…haha!Picture1.29 2595These car’s can be a block away and she can see it coming.  Someday after she graduates from Penn State, let’s all hope this car goes from dream to being owned by Paige!

Just a few secrets I keep that are now out there.  I can’t tell you how much I want to change my feelings about the month of April.  So I started it off by sharing my world with my daughter Paige.  Sometimes we plan things and then some things are giving to us to help us grow, learn and enjoy.  Paige has made me a better person, she has kept me laughing when others would have fallen into a deep dark hole.  She is the laughter so many of us miss in life.  She is the one who everyone loves and wishes they could have half of her excitement about life.  

I love it when I get to say, this is my daughter Paige.

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