Day 2..try a new product

Welcome to day #2, of my April challenge.   Today I decided to try three new products that I have never bought.  I love going to the store and looking for the word new on something.  Only one has the “new” word but, the other two I have never tried.  So, here goes.Picture1.29 2812I must say the Hidden Valley did really good when they decided to put cilantro and lime together.  This is amazing.  It’s got just the right amount of lime in it.  I put it on carrots and Oh so good.  I’m thinking this would be good baked on chicken…yum-yum.  “Try this”.Picture1.29 2813Tone soap. I have been a dove girl for ever but, this is creamy and wonderful.  I love the feeling and the smell is very nice.  It’s not to crazy fruity at all.  This is a “Must try”.Picture1.29 2814On to some Jif.  I never noticed this small jar before.  The words chocolate cheesecake hazelnut was the reason for me to try it.  As you open up this jar the heavenly smell of it all screams put this on your favorite bread.Picture1.29 2820I must say this is my new favorite secret snack.  It’s creamy with the perfect hit of hazelnut and the cheesecake is perfect.  No more wanting a donut for me.  This has replaced peanut butter sandwiches too.  It doesn’t say to refrig. after use.  This is a “Must have on the shelf”.Picture1.29 2821I hope one or all three of these, get’s you thinking about putting them on your shopping list.  I found all three of them at Your Neighborhood Walmart Store.  Remember to take your own bag and save the ocean.  Or is that only here in Southern California?

This was fun.  Did I make you hungry?


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