Day 3..Making cards

It’s always a good day to sit and make cards.  These are like an open envelope card.  I made them like a little book, so I could write a letter in them.  The top have a pull tag, so my friends know to pull up the card, or let’s hope they get the idea.  The card with the piano had a little to much glue so it started to curl.  I really need to stay with double face tape.




Once I got the measurements correct, these weren’t that hard to make. I have an idea to make one for a birthday card. Balloons are always fun to make on a card.  The many possibilities of cutting paper.

Good luck to all of my friends who are doing the A to Z challenge for April.  You all have amazing idea’s for that challenge. Tomorrow is “D”.  I was thinking drain, door or dime. Or the word decision, we all make one or more a day.



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