Day 4..What’s in “My” kitchen

When you stop by my little kitchen there are a few things that make it “My” kitchen. A few things have been dragged along from one place to another with love. But most of all, you can open up any cupboard or the refrig. without asking.  I’ve always made my kitchen the place to be yourself, that is why I say my kitchen table has heard it all and with lots of laughter.Picture1.29 2830I love dish towels and pot holders.  I have many of them.  Every month has a theme, I guess that is what you could call it.  The little girl towel came from my best friends kitchen, he passed away in October, his Mother sent me a few things to have.  I remember teasing him about being bread man having this towel.Picture1.29 2831I love tea.  This is my get up every day and make my favorite Lipton tea.  Hot, cold, over ice, sugar or no sugar, it’s always a good cup to hold.Picture1.29 2832Do you remember Tupperware?  My Mom must have gotten this 40 years ago, now it’s mine. You put water in the bottom part then your favorite veggie on top of those dots, and in 4-6 minutes in the microwave, you have amazing tasting veggies.Picture1.29 2833Looking at this you are thinking…it sit’s on a cup for what reason?  You put tea leaves in this with hot water.  Then when it’s ready, you put it on top of a cup and it pour’s right into your cup like magic.  I know there is a name for this wonderful tea maker, I just don’t know what it is..lolPicture1.29 2834Living in Southern California two cities away from Disneyland, I have a few Mickey Mouse cups. It’s a must or you just aren’t a normal kitchen.Picture1.29 2835While my kids went through school there was always that art class that you always made a bowl or coffee cup.  My son Kevin made both.  The bowl is only used by him, hands off to anyone else.Picture1.29 2836Today you will find a few things to munch on. I do cook and it is worth eating, or they say that to be nice!  In every state there are a few things that aren’t in all states.  If you look at some of these you might see something different. Flour tortillas are something I love, I mix up something and roll it up into them..yum-yum.  Sloppy Joes are one of those kid meals that never grow’s old.  I make a lot of pop corn too. Mott’s apple sauce is always good to have around.

You never have to call, just stop by.  If you want coffee, you will have to bring your own.

See you tomorrow.

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