Day 5..Cerritos, CA post office

Welcome to the day & life of my mail box.  I have had a post office box for almost ten years now.  I love it.  It’s a small post office with a friendly staff.  I decided to pay $130 a year to be able to write to whom ever I want, like pen pal’s, & not worry about them camping out on my front porch.Picture1.29 2847Some history of this post office would be…it almost got hit by the air disaster in the early 1980 where two planes hit in the air over Cerritos.  That was a horrible day in California.Picture1.29 2855I love this picture.  It shows the street signs so well.  If you exit the 91 freeway onto Carmenita Rd., you will easily find this post office.Picture1.29 2849We have drive thru mail boxes.  For those whose don’t want to get out of their cars but, need to mail something and remember to YIELD to the others in this parking lot please. How many times have I thought I saw my last day in this parking lot.Picture1.29 2851Here is my box with no mail in it today.  That’s ok, I should have took a picture yesterday, I got mail from a new pen pal..always fun.Picture1.29 2853The parking lot is full of speed bumps but, that doesn’t mean drivers care.  This post office is almost in walking distance for me, I have walked it just to go off and think.  I came back thinking that was a 2 hour walk.  It’s a better bike ride.  It was a beautiful day today, as you can see from the sky.  We might have rain by Friday.  That just means we will be washing our cars by Saturday.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of my world.  Just a normal day in the city of Cerritos, or Sir-reet-toes.  I have a friend who call’s it Cherry-toes.



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