Update on the “Trainwreck” dollar

Today was a good day to leave this dollar (& another one too) for a thanks for your service at the local Starbucks in the city of Buena Park, CA on the corner of Valley View & LaPalma Ave.  Looks like they call it Team 10432.  I forgot it was my son’s girlfriends birthday today. SO I bought her a Starbucks cup, I really want it for me…but, since it looks like she is sticking around for a while I guess I must give good gifts.

Starbucks all look different inside.  SO I thought let’s show a little something about this one.  It’s clean, smells good, friendly staff, and they all have a board with local things to do.  This board doesn’t really tell the whole story about this town. This RAP Contest isn’t even close to this city..haha.  I love these flavor shakers, they have their own personality.  This Starbucks has a drive thru that is always 10 cars long.  I always wanted to start one of those pay for the person behind you and see how many will keep it going!

Good Bye TRAINWRECK.  Happy journey to you.  I hope you find a good wallet to rest in and go on to buy great things in your dollar life!

4 thoughts on “Update on the “Trainwreck” dollar

      • Ok, I panicked and looked behind us to see no other cars to pay for. Then I was like, “Wait, here is your tip!” to the employee and gave her a dollar… I drove off all dithery and immediately started beating myself up. I saw a car behind us as I drove off, so I could have paid for them, I could have given the employee a twenty as a tip. Auugh! I was so upset. My younger sister reminded me to just enjoy the blessing and remember I always have time to pass on the gift. I’ve just never been surprised like that and was totally caught off guard.


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